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  • 'Difficulties are opportunities to better things; they are stepping stones to greater experience...'
    Bryan Adams

  • 'Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.'
    Henry Ford

  • 'Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.'
    John F. Kennedy

  • 'The difference between what we are doing and what we are capable of doing would solve most of the world's problems.'
    Mahatma Gandhi

General terms and conditions

The quotations drafted by GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA are only valid for 30 days, unless explicitly stated otherwise on the quotation. All prices stated exclude VAT, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA is only bound to the terms of a quotation after explicit and written acceptance of the quotation by the customer and on the condition that this acceptance occurs within the period of validity of the quotation.

In order to avoid disputes, the work activities only start at the moment that GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA receives the signed order form, which is part of the quotation, by e-mail or regular letter.

The customer remains the owner of the materials he or she supplies (text, photos, logos…) at all times. Upon the termination of the collaboration, these materials must be returned to the customer, upon the customer's written request.

GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA retains ownership of all of the texts it produces until the invoice has been paid in full by the customer.

GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA undertakes to maintain the confidentiality relative to third parties of the information disclosed by the customer during the assignment. Without the express permission of GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA, the customer shall not make any statements to third parties regarding the approach, the working method or the quotation from GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA.

All of the delivery and implementation deadlines stated by GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA are only intended to be indicative and are in no way binding for GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA, unless otherwise explicitly agreed upon between the parties in writing.
Unless otherwise explicitly agreed upon between the parties in writing, a delay in the delivery and/or implementation may never result in the dissolution of the agreement, in the refusal of a requested service, in any penalty or damages compensation at the expense of GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA or in any postponement of payment by the customer.

If a fixed price has been agreed upon with the customer, then this fixed price shall only apply to the services deliverable by GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA which are specifically named in the accepted quotation or in the finalized agreement. Additions and/or changes that are requested during the course of the project may result in an extension of the terms of delivery and implementation deadlines.

All of the prices stated in the quotations from GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA are binding for one (1) month, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Thereafter, these prices are only indicative.

Both parties are required to treat all that has been discussed during or during the coaching sessions, training sessions or advisory assignments as confidential information.
In the event of an imminent threat to both the client and society, GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA has the right to break the confidentiality and inform the designated authorities. If authorized by a court order or by law GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA is required to provide confidential information to third parties GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA is not liable for compensation.

If the client cancels a registration up to 30 days prior to commencement of a training or workshop, then no fee will be charged. If a registration is cancelled within 7-30 days before the start of the course, 50% of the course fee will be charged. If a training or workshop is cancelled within 7 days before the start date or in case of no show, 100% of the course amount will be due.

• In case of force majeure, the training or workshop will be moved or cancelled in consultation.
• If an individual counselling session is terminated within 24 hours, 50% of the expense of the cancelled session will be charged. In case of force majeure or timely termination (minimum 24 hours in advance) a new appointment is scheduled and no charges will be charged.

GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA reserves the right to cancel coaching, training or workshops, without giving reasons and can reject clients. GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA is obliged to confirm the cancellation or refusal in writing and, in that case, to reimburse 100% of the amount paid to the client until then, with which the agreement has been terminated without further obligations or claims.

Unless explicitly stated or agreed upon otherwise in writing, an advance payment must be made by the customer at the time of the signing of the quotation or order form or at the time of the conclusion of the agreement between the parties. This advance payment paid to GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA must be equal to 40% of the total price of the project. An advance payment cannot under any circumstances be recovered by the customer.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all invoices from GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA are payable within fifteen (15) calendar days after the date of invoice. The account of GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA must be credited with the amount payable on the due date of the GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA invoices.
Depending on the agreement made, invoicing of 40% of the total price of the project occurs at the time of the signing of the quotation, another 40% is invoiced during the course of the assignment and invoicing of the remainder of the costs follows at the end of the project (on a project basis upon specific agreement). In the event of an agreement to work on the basis of an hourly rate, the agreed upon hours/days are invoiced monthly at the end of each month.
All payments must occur in euros to the account specified by GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA. Any costs related to the payments themselves are always borne by the customer.
Parties expressly agree that any complaints or protests from the customer do not suspend the customer's obligation to pay.
Failure to make payment on the due date shall result in the customer being charged, legally and without further notice, a conventional damages penalty of 10% of the invoice amount with a minimum penalty of 150 EUR at a conventional interest rate of 1% per commenced month. In the event that a registered notice of default is sent either by or on behalf of GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA, an additional fixed fee of 25 EUR shall be legally owed to GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA by the customer.
In the event of lack of payment, late payment or incomplete payment of one or more GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA invoices, GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA is free to choose to suspend or terminate the agreement and, if applicable, to exercise the right to compensation for damages in conformity with common law without this decision to suspend or terminate pursuant to a lack of payment, late payment or incomplete payment by the customer being in any way considered to be an abuse of the law or leading in any way whatsoever to liability for and/or the payment of damage compensation by GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA.

GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA can in no way whatsoever be declared liable for any indirect damage to the customer, such as, but not limited to, commercial or financial loss, loss of reputation, loss of profit or loss of business, loss of customers and loss as a consequence of legal action taken by third parties against the customer.

All agreements between GORDIUM SOLUTIO BVBA and the customer are governed solely by Belgian law. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of law of the judicial district of Turnhout, Belgium.

Gordium Solutio BVBA

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